Note: As of September 30, 2011 the National Tobacco Cessation Collaborative is no longer operational.

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Technical Assistance Tools

Image of doctor and pregnant woman consultation

Survey Instrument: Organizational Capacity for Prenatal Tobacco Treatment
A 28-item questionnaire based on the Assessment of Chronic Illness Care tool for measuring the level of organizational support for prenatal tobacco treatment. 

Community and Worksite Toolkit
A toolkit for employers which contains materials that can help pregnant women quit smoking and explains the importance of support from the work place, community, friends, and family.

Medicaid Toolkit Coming Soon!
A Medicaid and smoking cessation tool kit that addresses issues of critical importance to Medicaid programs, including the health and economic costs and benefits of coverage, snapshots of what States are doing in this area, and ways to locate additional information on topics of interest.

Native American Action Plan
A document describing how to tailor the 5 A’s to American Indian populations.  The 30-page illustrated manual contains case studies, lessons learned, and recommendations for multiple audiences.  

Pregnancy and Post-partum Quitline Toolkit
A toolkit that provides information specific to quitting during pregnancy that can be integrated into already existing quitline services.

Survey Instrument: Provider Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors
An assessment of provider knowledge, attitudes and behaviors regarding the 5 A’s.  Can be used before and after quality improvement activities to promote the best practice intervention.