Note: As of September 30, 2011 the National Tobacco Cessation Collaborative is no longer operational.

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Helping Families Thrive: Key Policies to Promote Tobacco Free Environments for Families
This report presents facts on second-hand smoke, evidence-based solutions for creating tobacco-free environments, and policy action recommendations that affect families with young children.

National Partnership Action Plan
A 2002 document that describes the original vision, goals and strategies for the National Partnership.  The action plan outlines interventions in six areas: the healthcare system, policy, communities and worksites, the media, research, and state outreach. 

Nicotine and Tobacco Research Supplement
Helping Pregnant Women Quit Smoking: Progress and Future Directions. Volume 6, Supplement 2, April 2004.

Tobacco Control Supplement
Smoking and Pregnancy: Research Findings from the Smoke-Free Families Program  Volume 9, Supplement III, 2000.